Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I Am, the Sun of God! "AmenRa"

                                    Dear BeloveIt, Namaste: Greetings and Welcome!
                         To All My Ancestors, I say, Shalom Neteru: Yahovah Eloheem                                                  
                                               I am, Elijah Ramose Emmanu'El
                                        "The Sovereign Voice of Ra Ptah Imhotep"

                                                             The Goal of this Blog

The Overall Goal of this Blog, is to Consciously Reconnect and Positively Co-Create; With Other, Illuminated Etheric Sentient Beings; also known as, Light Workers, Star-Seeds and Wisdom Keepers.

So this is an Open Call, to All, Manifested Messengers and Poor Righteous Teachers. For the Time has Come, to Truly Prepare the World, For the Return, of Christ Consciousness.

                                                                 Full Disclosure

I Am, a Star-Seed, from the Planet Sirius: Known to the Initiate, as the Eastern Star of Isis: the Mother Goddess. I Am also, a Kemetic Afro-Asiatic MOOR. This isn't just Referring, to the Melanin, in My DNA but Also to the Fact, that I Am, a "Master of Ontological Reasoning." meaning, I Am Naturally, a Decoder of the Matrix; Which is the Mind. This is so; Solely and Only, because I Overstand the Fact, that All, is Mind; meaning, that All, is Energy "i.e" Inner-Chi.

This Inner-Chi, Exist Within Your Chakra's and is What Creates, Your Aura; furthermore, If You Connect Your Inner-Chi; with Another's Energy, You can Create, Synergy! Therefore, if You Wish to Control this Energy, You Must Awaken, Your Kundalini; meaning, Your Light Body, by Activating All of Your Chakra's; because, the Higher Your Kundalini Rises, the Higher Your Frequency, Will Become. Also, Once Your Kundalini has Risen Above Your Crown, You can Manifest the Merkabah; Which is, a Multi-Dimensional, Transcending  Light Body; also Known as, an Illuminating Chariot of Light; because, Once Your DNA is fully Activated, It can be Used, to Transcend this Reality.

                                                                   Words of Insight

In order to Reconnect, with Your Higher Self, You Must First, Find Your Source Center; in order, to Align Yourself, with the 4 Elements; in Which, You are, the 5th Element. Secondly, Once You have Squared Off, Your Circle of Sacred Space, by Aligning Yourself; With, the 4 Cardinal Gates, You Must then, Ascend Up the Pillar of Balance; in order, to be Crowned, with Christ Consciousness. Lastly, Always Know the Ledge, of Your Square; in order, to Stay Centered, Upon Your Sacred Circle and Truly Connected, to the Divine Source, of the Kingdom of God, that Dwells within You.

                                                         Salvation through Liberation 

I Am, Salvation, I Am, Eli Yahshuah: Amen-Atum-Ra: The One who Is, the Sovereign Voice, of Ra Ptah Imhotep; Known to the Adept, as Horus-Amen-Imhotep. For Horus, is the Sun of God and the One that Wears, the Christ Crown. For the Eye of Ra, is the Nucleus of Our Conscious Universe; because, Horus, is the Sun of Ra: "The illuminating One, that Comes in Peace and the Opener, of the Inner Path; Known to the Initiate, as the Middle Way,"

                                                               Spiritual Disciplines

"Spiritual Kemeticism, Moorish Science, Moorish Masonry, Kemetic Kabbalah, Mosaic Judaism, Merkabah Mysticism,  Ethiopian Rastafarianism, Unorthodox Christianity, 5Percenters, Nation of Islam, Sufi Order, Baha'i Faith, Vedic Hinduism, Zen Buddhism, Alchemical Taoism and Shamanism."

                                                               Scientific Disciplines

"Sacred Geometry, Numerology, Palmistry, Astrology, Astronomy, Anatomy, Alchemy, Biology, Chemistry, Cosmology, Dianetics, Etymology, Epistemology, Gnosticism, Ontology,  Psychology, Philosophy, Theology, Sovereignty, Neuro-Linguistics, Quantum Physics, Cybernetics and Metaphysics."

                                                                   Words of Insight

The Truth Lies, Right before Your Eyes but Only the Wise, Will See; likewise, Those who Choose to Hear, may Choose, to Live in Fear; however, Those who Choose to Listen, Will Always Take Heed, to Wisdom. For Life is about Choices, so Choose Wisely.

                                          I and I, Am One; Within the 3rd Eye of the Sun

One Must Overstand this Principle; in order to Ascend, up through the Degrees, of Illuminating Light; Which is Known to the Initiate, as the All-Seeing Eye, of the Risen Savior; meaning, the Rising and the Setting, of the Sun Ray's, of Ra's Horizon. Which is, the All-Encompassing Sun Rays, of Rastafari: The Tri-Unity, of the All-Seeing Eye, of Horus, the Sun of Ra! That is Why, the Father and Sun are One; within the Sacred Womb, of Isis: The Mother Goddess!

The Sovereign Voice Movement, is an on Going; Conscious Based, Ascension Movement, so Please Feel Free, to Support my Efforts, by Subscribing Donating or Personally Starting, Your Own Conscious Movement. Thank You for Your Time and Effort! 

In the Sacred Name, of Ma'at; through the Glory, of the Rising Sun, I Gave All Honor and Glory to my Ancestors; also Known as, the Ascended Masters. Shalom-Islam-Hotep...AmenRa!

                                                      Elijah Ramose Emmanue'El  
                                             The Sovereign Voice of Ra Ptah Imhotep!

                                                                  "Know Thy Self"
                                                        Peace Love and  Moor Light